Antique Furniture

We specialise in the Art of “French Polishing” and restoration of antique furniture. Working on all things historical drives our passion for antiques. When visiting the Art Studio and Workshop, you will get a chance to see antique furniture that is for sale or ready for export.

For the conservation of all antique furniture and architectural antiques, all finishes are hand applied (no spray finishes). It is necessary to keep the integrity of the piece, keeping the original patina (colour and age) of the item. Restoration, as opposed to, conservation will detract from the value of the furnitureĀ if over restored.

For early furniture, 16th Century to 18th Century the finishes are oil varnish and wax. Shellac finishes (french polish) is used for 18th Century to 20th Century furniture. For more modern furniture, a hand applied A/C lacquer finish is normally used. Polishes and stains can be made to match existing colour and finishes when conserving and restoring furniture.

Workshop and Art Gallery in Battlesbridge, Essex